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PetroWind Energy Inc. (PWEI) is the wind energy company that has built, owns and operates the Nabas Wind Power Project (NWPP) in Nabas-Malay, Aklan. Incorporated on March 6, 2013, PWEI is a joint-venture company of PetroGreen Energy Corporation (PGEC) (40%), Thailand's BCPG Public Company Ltd. (40%), and EEI Power Corporation (20%). It is primarily focused on expanding the country’s renewable energy capacity by tapping wind power.

PWEI’s first wind farm in Nabas-Malay, Aklan generates 36 MW and was commissioned in June 2015. Situated at an elevation of 300-500 meters above sea level (masl) in the foothills of northern Aklan, it is currently the Philippines’ highest perched wind farm. The second phase of the Nabas Wind Project is currently under development and is expected to generate another 14 MW of green energy.

Our Vision

To grow into one of the most profitable publicly-listed energy companies in the Philippines through judicious investments in conventional and renewable energy exploration, development and generation.

Our Mission

  • Engage in strategic initiatives that contribute to meeting people’s energy needs by using our technical capabilities and industry expertise;

  • Provide optimum value for our shareholders;

  • Develop and retain highly motivated employees; and

  • Uplift the communities where we operate through socially and environmentally responsible operation.

Our Values

We uphold moral integrity and honesty in our commitments.

We believe in the importance of cultivating our expertise and delivering results.

Passion for Growth and Sustainability
We commit to professionalism and maintaining our drive to achieve our vision and mission.


Wind energy solutions for today’s needs and the future


We are proud of the inroads we have made in advancing the wind energy sector. Our Nabas Wind Power Project, which combines our existing 36-megawatt phase 1, and under development 14-megawatt phase 2, in Nabas-Malay, Aklan is currently the biggest local source of power in Aklan. Our wind farms supply much-needed electricity in the entire province, and helps address the rising energy requirements of the island of Boracay.

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PetroWind is Among Asia’s Top Community Care Companies


The Yuchengco Group of Companies’ (YGC) PetroWind Energy Inc. (PWEI) was recognized as one of Top Community Care Companies in the 2020 Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) based in Kuala Lumpur. ACES Awards honor individuals and firms in Asia for corporate leadership and corporate social responsibility under several categories – sustainability, green initiative, green innovation, and community care, among others. ACES described PWEI as among those Asian companies who “have enriched the communities through various outreach initiatives and which epitomize the mission and values of an organization that…demonstrate exemplary active citizenship in promoting the wellbeing of society at large.” PWEI is a joint-venture of PetroGreen Energy Corp. (40%) and EEI Power Corp.(20%) of the Philippines and BCPG Public Company Ltd. (40%) of Thailand. PetroGreen is the renewable energy holding unit of publicly-listed PetroEnergy Resources Corp. (PERC). PWEI operates the 36 MW Nabas-1 wind power facility in Aklan, the largest source of indigenous, clean, and renewable energy-based electricity in the province which has been supplying power to the Visayas grid since commercial operations in June 2015. The Nabas wind power facility has also become an important eco-tourism destination in the region, being perched on the hills of Nabas and Malay, across and overlooking Boracay island. PetroGreen Environmental and Community Relations Manager Yrel Ventura declared, “This award honors the commitment of the YGC and our Partners to uplift the communities where we operate and also testifies to the successful collaboration we have forged with the local governments and communities in several health, education, and livelihood initiatives. This will spur us to scale up our efforts to benefit more stakeholders and to ensure positive long-lasting impact.” PWEI’s planned investment and expansion of the facility to add a 14 MW Nabas-2 unit received further boost when the Department of Energy (DOE) issued the Amended Certificate of Commerciality for the project on May 13, 2020, allowing it to proceed to development and operations. “Actual development of the project had to be paced due to the Covid-19 pandemic but when resumed it is expected to generate additional employment during construction, add to the LGUs tax and royalty base, and stimulate business from local suppliers. We intend to have Nabas-2 operational by 2022, in time for the completion of the National Grid Corp. of the Phil.’s (NGCP) Cebu-Negros-Panay interconnection improvements,“ added Paul Elmer Morala, PetroGreen AVP for Power Operations.

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PetroEnergy’s Wind Unit Hits 250 GWh Milestone


PetroWind Energy Inc. (PWEI), the wind energy company of publicly-listed PetroEnergy Resources Corporation (PERC) reached the 250 GWh-generation mark during the first week of January 2018. PWEI’s energy production comes from its 36-MW Nabas- 1 wind facility in Aklan that started commercial operations in June 2015. PWEI is a joint venture of PetroGreen Energy Corporation (PGEC, 40%), BCPG Public Company Limited of Thailand (40%), and EEI Power Corporation (20%). PGEC is the 90% owned subsidiary and the renewable energy holding company of PERC. “PWEI has been consistently achieving its target generation over the past two years. Despite seasonal variations, the consistently good wind trends over our facility has enabled us to record above average capacity factors. As a result, Nabas-1 hit 250 GWh generation milestone in only 31 months while a similar-sized plant running at typical Philippine wind industry capacity factors would have reached it in 35 to 44 months,” said PGEC Energy Trading Head Dave P. Gadiano. “This generation milestone validates our decision in selecting Nabas for our first wind project. Not only has the indigenous wind resource proved to be consistent, so has been the support from the Aklan local government units and host communities. We are banking on this significant wind resource, reliable generation, and local support to expand our existing Nabas wind facility in the near future,” declared PWEI President Milagros V. Reyes.

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PetroWind is Among Asia’s Top Community Care Companies


PetroEnergy’s Wind Unit Hits 250 GWh Milestone


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